130 Photographs, 5 drawings and a DVD of the film. Published by MAC-Lima

ISBN 978-612-46573-3-3-7

Depósito Legal en la Biblioteca Nacional del Perú

No. 2015-07602

Book is now available by sending $25.00 including postage and handling. Contact in USA:

Carlos Llerena Aguirre.

Cell 786 301 0607

Tienda del MAC-Lima. To purchase in Lima it cost s/. 80.00

+51 1 2494728

Av. Miguel Grau 1511  Barranco, Lima, Peru

Printing the book:



Silvia Pease  doing  color corrections for the book  with  Edwin. Tarea Printing Company. Lima, Perú



Silvia designing the DVD


Compressing the HD Master file ProRes422 raw  to a DVD format. University of Miami Lab


Daniel Caballero de VC QUATRO works to reproduce the DVD in his studio of  Lima Perú


130 Photographs, 5 drawings and a DVD of the film.

Presentation by:

Alvaro Roca-Rey MQ, Executive Director. MAC-Lima.

Curatorial text by:

Angie BoninoCurator of contemporary art, Visual Artist, and New Media,Master in Design of Audiovisual Interactive Systems, Universidad Ramón Llull in Barcelona,Spain. Master of Programming Free Software Systems. Director and Professor of Videoakt International Biennial of Video Art in Barcelona, Spain.

Chalena Vasquez. Ethnomusicologist. Professor and Director of El Centro de Música y Danza de la Universidad Católica (CEMDUC) Lima, Perú.

Andrea Diaz Mattei.  Researcher, Critic and Curator of Contemporary Art. PhD in Current Artistic Practices. Art Researcher for Art, Globalization and Interculturality (AGI) University of Barcelona, Spain.

Guadalupe Garcia.  Independent Curator. Lowe Art Museum curator. Former Curator for the Palace of Fine Arts and National Museum of Art. Mexico City.

Juan Peralta, Editor of the book, Director of Exhibitions Mac-Lima


Book Presentation:

MAC-Lima. Barranco. Conversatorio- 

June 4, 2015.   7:00 PM

With the participation of:

Miguel Rubio. Director of Yuyachkani, Professor Pontificia Universidad Católica del Peru. Theater researcher.

Chalena Vasquez, Ethnomucicologist, Professor of Folklore Pontificia Universidad Católica del Peru.

Julio Guzmán, Caporal Q’olla residente Lima,

José-Carlos Mariátegui, Alta Tecnología Andina (ATA), Film critic, professor, Founder of the International Festival of Video and Electronic Art in Lima.

Juan Peralta, Editor and Director of Exhibitions MAC-Lima. Professor Pontificia Universidad Católica del Peru.

Carlos Llerena Aguirre, Cinematographer, artist, author. Professor University of Miami.


3p-inside book3open book-dvd

4back book copy IMG_9125IMG_9301

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